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June 3, 2023

How the Summer Sun Benefits Your Smile

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Summertime is finally in full swing, and with it comes warmer weather, longer days, and plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun! But did you know that spending time outside under the summer sun can greatly benefit your pearly whites? Keep reading to learn more from your trusted dentist about how getting enough sunlight and vitamin D can work wonders for your oral health.

How Vitamin D Helps Your Smile

The sun is an excellent source of vitamin D, and if you’re familiar with vitamin D, you probably know that it’s pretty beneficial for your body. It’s one of the many essential vitamins that assist with our overall health and keeps us fit as fiddles, but did you know that it also directly benefits your smile? Here are three ways how:

  • Calcium Absorption – Calcium is responsible for strengthening your bones and teeth, so needless to say, it’s something you should want to get enough of. But for your body to properly absorb calcium and reap all of its benefits, it needs plenty of vitamin D!
  • Immune System Support – Vitamin D ensures that your immune system is functioning properly and protecting you from germs, viruses, and other sources of infection. Your body’s immune system is quite complex, but since the oral cavity is one of your first lines of defense, it needs vitamin D to remain resilient.
  • Protection from Tooth Decay – In addition to promoting a healthy immune system, research shows a positive correlation between vitamin D and the prevention of tooth decay—in fact, there’s even proof that vitamin D can lower the risk of tooth decay by 50%! It can also assist with the inflammation associated with gum disease, a common chronic oral health condition.

Tips for Boosting Your Vitamin D Intake This Summer

Supporting a healthy smile throughout the summer starts with maintaining excellent oral hygiene at home—but you should also strive to boost your vitamin D intake. Sunlight remains one of the best sources of vitamin D, and researchers agree that 10 to 30 minutes of sunlight every day is usually more than sufficient. However, be sure that when you’re spending time in the sun, you’re taking the appropriate measures to prevent sunburn such as wearing SPF lip balm and sunscreen, staying hydrated, and sitting in the shade when possible.

Sunlight isn’t the only source of vitamin D, though; you can also obtain it through your diet. Consider options such as fatty fish (tuna, salmon), eggs, milk, fortified cereals, and yogurt.

No matter what you’re planning to do this summer, ensuring that you’re getting enough sun is a must—though it’s always nice to enjoy the warmer weather, the benefits offered by vitamin D are simply too great to pass up!

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