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November 23, 2020

Are Dental Implants the Best Option for You?

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Are you tired of smiling with your mouth closed for every photograph? Maybe you haven’t felt confident in public for a long time because of a missing tooth. More than five million dental implants are responsible for restoring gaps in the smiles of Americans each year. While they are one of the most popular options for filling in gaps in the mouth, every person’s oral make-up is unique and their specific needs will differ. If you’ve been considering dental implants in Norwalk as an option for correcting flaws in your smile, keep reading to learn whether you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

With the multitude of dental cosmetic options that are available these days, it can be overwhelming when trying to choose which route is the best to take when it comes to restoring your smile. That’s why your dental professionals are here to help. Dental implants are an extremely effective and long-lasting way to correct gaps from missing teeth. With over 5 million people losing a permanent tooth every year, that’s a lot of empty space to fill! If you’ve been considering dental implants as an option for your own personal smile, here are some good candidate characteristics:

  • Healthy gums: For dental implants to successfully last, they have to remain firmly planted in the jawbone. Your gums are responsible for holding them tightly in place, keeping them rooted to the jaw, and preventing bacteria from entering in.
  • Commitment to maintaining good oral health: Just like your natural teeth, the success of dental implants is supported by regular dental hygiene. Good candidates should already practice a regular routine of oral maintenance and care.
  • Sufficient bone support: Because the jawbone is the anchor for the implants, it needs to be strong and dense enough to support them. Fortunately, bone grafts can help rebuild density if needed. Your dentist will be able to evaluate your personal situation during your consultation to determine whether you require any preparatory procedures.
  • No Chronic Disease: Dental implants have a 98% success rate, but it is important that the patient does not have any chronic illnesses that can pose a risk of implant failure. One example is diabetes, which can slow the healing process and interfere with the fusion between the implant and the jawbone.
  • Non-Smoker: Smoking has been proven to increase the risk of gum disease, and as you now know, your gums play an integral part in the support of dental implants. Avoiding smoking after the procedure will ensure that the soft tissue of the gums stays tight and promotes fusion of the implant.

Even if you don’t have every single characteristic, you may still be a good candidate for dental implants, be sure to schedule a consultation with your dentist so that you can be confident in your decision and feel excited about your smile again.

About the Author

Dr. Norman C. Sommers leads the exceptional team of professionals at Sommers Family Dentistry. With the highest standards of excellence, he treats every patient with the unique and tailored care they deserve. Restorative dentistry is their forte, and they love being able to repair smiles. Dr. Sommers has completed advanced dental implant training and has extensive experience performing the procedure. If you’re ready to talk about dental implants, visit our website to request a consultation, or call us at (419) 668-3606.


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